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Meaningful Work

As meaningful work continues to be highly sought after by almost everyone in the 21st century workforce, few career paths can rival the sense of success available to those working with those with special needs. In fact, in a recent study, 9 out of 10 people admitted that they would trade money for a

Keeping the Body & Mind Active

    Socializing and extracurricular activities are a normal part of anyone’s life - something especially important for adults with developmental disabilities.   No matter the self-sufficiency, guidance or supervision needed; recreational activities are an integral part to building strong social bonds and friendships, which, altogether, help improve an individual's quality of life.   Getting

Your Choices in Care

Your Choices in Care   You’ve been preparing for it. That day when your little baby would venture out into the world all by themselves.   It’s normal and natural for any young adult to crave that feeling of living independently.  But, for parents of children with disabilities, it can seem very unclear as to how

Learning New Skills

Remember the sense of accomplishment you felt when you first learned how to tie your shoes?  Or ride a bike?  Or cook your own meals?  Adults with developmental disabilities can feel the same way every time they learn a new skill.  Every person learns differently, and that is no different when teaching someone how to

5 Tips for Helping People with Developmental Disabilities Enjoy the Holidays!

1. Inform Family and Friends Many times when family and friends get together, they may not really understand the individual with the disability. It might be helpful for a caregiver or guardian to send out some updates prior to get-togethers such as: “Activities and topics ______ enjoys doing or discussing” “Activities and topics to avoid with

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