Your Choices in Care


You’ve been preparing for it. That day when your little baby would venture out into the world all by themselves.   It’s normal and natural for any young adult to crave that feeling of living independently.  But, for parents of children with disabilities, it can seem very unclear as to how your child can have that same unique experience.


For many adults with disabilities, there are an array of options, such as community-based homes and supportive living arrangements. At Shining Star, we offer several different types of helpful programs that could be the perfect fit for your growing child.  Everything from residential support, where your son or daughter can receive assistance with their day-to-day tasks in the comfort of their home, to 24-hour supportive care, and anything in between.


The services of Shining Star can also extend far beyond your home’s four walls. Full, freeyoungporn wrap-around services, such as transportation and interactive employment communities are just a few pieces of our programming that allow your child to feel less dependent on their parent and more in control of their own life.  Helping your child take that step towards independent living is tough. But, the experts at Shining Star Residential Services redube are here to help you make those important and exciting decisions.


See a full list of Shining Star’s “expertise programming”, here.